Flipside isn’t Showing on Instagram, Here’s Troubleshooting Steps


Instagram Flipside is a feature, allowing users to create a separate private space on their profile for sharing content with a selected group of friends. But few Reddit reports says Flipside not showing on Instagram in Android and iPhone.

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Why is Flipside Not Showing on Instagram App?

Flipside not showing on Instagram
Instagram Flipside Feature (📷: eBuzzPro)

There are several reasons why Flipside might not be showing on your Instagram app.

  1. Limited Release: Flipside is currently in a limited testing phase with a small group of users. It’s not yet available to everyone.
  2. Account Type: Flipside might be currently limited to personal accounts and not available for business or creator profiles.
  3. Region Restrictions: The testing phase might be limited to specific regions or countries. If you’re outside those areas, you won’t see the feature.
  4. App Version: If you have an outdated Instagram app, the Flipside feature might not be showing up.
  5. Technical Issues: In rare cases, there could be technical issues preventing the feature from showing up, even if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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Potential Troubleshooting Steps for Instagram Flipside Feature Missing

If you’re experiencing Instagram Flipside not showing on your android phone or iPhone, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem.

1.) Update Your Instagram app: As mentioned earlier, an outdated app could be the culprit. Ensure you have the latest version installed from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2.) Restart Your Device: This can sometimes clear temporary glitches that might be hindering the feature’s visibility.

3. Switch Account Type (if applicable): If you have a business or creator account and are comfortable switching to a personal account temporarily, you could try it to see if Flipside appears. Remember to back up any important data before switching.

4.) Clear app Cache and Data: Sometimes, corrupted app data can cause issues. Try clearing your Instagram app cache and data (be aware this will log you out and delete downloaded content).

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5.) Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram: This can sometimes refresh the app and clear any potential issues. However, back up any important data like chats or saved content before proceeding.

6.) Contact Instagram Support: Although they might not be able to grant you access to Flipside directly, they can help diagnose any technical issues preventing the feature from showing up even if you are eligible.

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