[Avoid Error 6-4] How To Spoof Monster Hunter Now Safely?


Monster Hunter has garnered a massive and dedicated fan base. The experience of hunting down these formidable creatures can sometimes be hindered by technical issues, such as the notorious “Monster Hunter Now Error 6-4”. Players are often left frustrated when they encounter the message “Monster Hunter Now Not Working”. These errors can disrupt the seamless gaming experience that Monster Hunter enthusiasts crave.

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For those who seek to overcome these obstacles and get back to hunting monsters without a hitch, the quest to discover “how to spoof Monster Hunter now safely” becomes paramount. This guide aims to shed light on the methods and strategies to circumvent these errors, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

[Avoid Error 6-4] How To Spoof Monster Hunter Now Safely?
Monster Hunter Now (Via Niantic and Capcom)

By following the steps provided in this guide, players can not only troubleshoot their Monster Hunter issues but also enjoy a smoother gaming adventure by accessing a free download of the useful tools.

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What Causes the Error 6-4 in Monster Hunter Now?

The enigmatic “Error 6-4” in Monster Hunter Now can be a vexing obstacle for players seeking uninterrupted gameplay. While it may not stem from a ban, several underlying issues can trigger this error.

Firstly, a sluggish or unreliable internet connection can be a major culprit, disrupting the seamless gaming experience. Ensure a stable and high-speed internet connection to minimize the chances of encountering Error 6-4.

Secondly, using an outdated version of the game can lead to compatibility problems and result in this error. Keeping the game updated with the latest patches and fixes is crucial to avoid such technical hiccups.

Lastly, a faulty installation of the game can also be responsible for Error 6-4. Ensuring a proper and error-free installation is imperative to prevent any disruptions. Understanding these potential causes of the error is the first step in monster hunter spoofing and enjoying a smoother Monster Hunter experience.

For more insights on troubleshooting and game spoofing, explore how to spoof Monster Hunter Now.

How To Spoof Monster Hunter Now?

1. Spoof in Monster Hunter Now without Jailbreak (Safer & 100% Work)

For players encountering the vexing “Monster Hunter Now Error 6-4” and seeking a solution, spoofing the game’s location offers a promising escape from the technical hurdles. One safe and effective method is using Tenorshare iAnyGo, a versatile tool designed to alter your iPhone’s GPS location without the need for jailbreaking, ensuring a safer and 100% functional experience.

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Major Functions of Tenorshare iAnyGo:

  • One-click to Change iPhone Location: With a simple click, you can instantly alter your iPhone’s GPS location to any spot on the map.
  • Simulate Location Between Two Spots: Seamlessly transition between two different locations on the map to mimic movement.
  • Simulate GPS Move Along a Route with Multiple Spots: Customize your path by setting multiple spots and watch your location move along the designated route.
  • Joystick: The joystick function allows precise control over your in-game movement.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Install Tenorshare iAnyGo on your computer and connect your iPhone via USB cable.
    Spoof Monster Hunter Now
  2. Click on the “Joystick” symbol, typically found as the fourth icon within the left menu.
    Spoof Monster Hunter Now
  3. With this tool, you can effortlessly relocate your in-game character by dragging the dot in any direction, adjusting your movement speed at will. If your destination is far, simply search for the location and change it with a single click.
    Spoof Monster Hunter Now
  4. Once you’ve configured your desired virtual location, open Monster Hunter Now on your iPhone to commence your gaming adventure.
    Spoof Monster Hunter Now

Watch the video demonstration below and resolve “Monster Hunter Now Not Working” issues.

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Why Choose Tenorshare iAnyGo?


  • The Monster Hunter Now Joystick feature enables lifelike in-game movements, enhancing your gaming experience.
  • Create personalized routes with multiple spots, making it easy to navigate within the game world.
  • Safely spoof your location with Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS.


  • Use of third-party software may violate the game’s terms of service.

By following these steps and utilizing Tenorshare iAnyGo, you can effectively spoof in Monster Hunter Now, sidestep the “Error 6-4”, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

2. Use a stable VPN

Utilizing a reliable VPN can be an alternative method to spoof your location in Monster Hunter Now, allowing you to explore the game from a different virtual location. Here’s how:

  1. Download and install a trustworthy VPN app from the Google Play Store. Ensure that the chosen VPN app supports both VPN services and mock GPS functionality.
  2. Open the VPN app and search for the desired location you want to spoof within Monster Hunter Now. Once found, select it to set as your fake coordinates.
  3. With the mock location established, connect to the VPN. This action will override your real GPS signal.
  4. Launch Monster Hunter Now, and you will find your in-game location reflecting the mock coordinates, enabling you to explore the virtual world as desired.


  • Location may automatically reset on occasion.
  • Some free VPNs may come with intrusive ads.

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3. Use another Fake GPS Location App

Another method to spoof in Monster Hunter Now is by employing a reliable fake GPS app. One such app is “Fake GPS” by Lexa, available on the App Store. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Find and download a trusted location spoofing app like “Fake GPS by Lexa” from the App Store.
  2. In the spoofing application, locate and designate the exact coordinates or area where you wish to position your in-game character in Monster Hunter Now, configuring it as your simulated location.
  3. Go to your iPhone’s Settings and find the Privacy section. Inside Privacy, select Location Services. Turn on the “Mock Locations” option to let the app take control of your GPS location instead of using your real one.
  4. Once you’ve turned on mock locations, start-up Monster Hunter Now, and your in-game character will be right where you’ve chosen in the spoofing app. This lets you explore and enjoy the game as if you were truly in that location.


  • No need for a desktop or laptop; you can spoof your location directly on your iPhone.
  • Certain apps come with their own control stick for virtual joystick movement.


  • Possible app issues, such as crashes or a lack of updates, may affect your gaming experience.

By employing stable VPN services or using dedicated location spoofing apps, you can achieve effective Monster Hunter spoofing, discover the potential of the “Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS”, and enjoy precise control with the “Monster Hunter Now Joystick”.

Tips to Avoid Error 6-4 in Monster Hunter Now

To steer clear of the frustrating Monster Hunter Now error 6-4 and maintain a smooth gaming experience, consider these valuable tips:

  • Pay Attention to the Coldtime Chart: Regularly check the Coldtime Chart, which provides insights into server status and scheduled maintenance. Avoid playing during maintenance periods to minimize the risk of encountering errors.
  • Disable Battery Saver Mode: When diving into the world of Monster Hunter Now, make sure your device’s battery saver mode is turned off. This ensures that the game runs optimally without any disruptions.
  • Use a Stable WiFi Connection: A stable and robust WiFi connection can significantly reduce the chances of encountering Error 6-4. Ensure that your internet connection is reliable, especially when participating in multiplayer battles.

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Overcoming the challenges posed by “Monster Hunter Now Error 6-4” and mastering the art of location spoofing is imperative for avid players. This guide has explored various methods to address this error, such as using the versatile Tenorshare iAnyGo, stable VPNs, and dedicated location spoofing apps.

It’s clear that for a comprehensive and user-friendly solution on how to spoof Monster Hunter Now effectively, and ensure an optimal gaming experience, Tenorshare iAnyGo stands out as the optimal choice.

Hot FAQ about the Error 6-4 in Monster Hunter Now:

How To Fix Monster Hunter Now Error 6-4?

To resolve this issue, we recommend using Tenorshare iAnyGo, which offers the Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing: Fake GPS Guide 2023 Latest. This is a comprehensive solution to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Can you play Monster Hunter Now on PC?

Yes, you can! We recommend using Tenorshare Phone Mirror to mirror the game from your mobile device to your PC, providing a larger screen and more comfortable controls for your gaming adventures.