How to Change Display Refresh Rate in Mi10i?


Way to Change Display Refresh Rate in Mi10i – Hello friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know “How to Change Display Refresh Rate in Mi10i”? Friends, Xiaomi has named its products as No. 1 has also been shown.

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In such a situation, Xiaomi which is a China Tech Smartphone Manufacturing Company. It launched the Xiaomi Mi10i phone last year. And as soon as this phone was launched in the Indian market, there was panic. Because it was a flagship phone. And this Xiaomi has given this phone a refresh rate of up to 120hz.

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So by the way, let me tell you that Xiaomi claims to give as many features as possible in its phone. And the most important thing is that we get 5G support in Xiaomi Mi10i device. Also, the back panel of this phone is a glass body.

How to Change Display Refresh Rate in Mi10i?
Change Display Refresh Rate

What is Display Refresh Rate About?

For your information let me tell you that, the refresh rate of a monitor is a measure in hertz (Hz) of how many times (per second) the display refreshes the image on the screen. Friends, for your information, let me tell you that the highest 120hz has been given in this Xiaomi Mi10i phone.

But apart from this, you get two types of screen refresh rate in this phone. That is, the first is 60hz refresh rate and the second is 120hz refresh rate. And the great thing is that in this Xiaomi Mi10i phone, the 60hz screen refresh rate is set by default. And if you want to know How do I change the screen refresh rate to 120hz on my Xiaomi Mi10i? So follow the steps given below carefully.

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How to Change Display Refresh Rate in Mi10i?

  • Go to Settings on Xiaomi Mi10i.
  • Scroll Down and Tap on Display.
  • Again Scroll Down and Tap on Refresh Rate.
  • Now Tap on 120Hz (Maximum).
  • That’s it.

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