Know! How to Restore Deleted Instagram Content?


Way to Restore Deleted Instagram Contents – Hello friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know that “How to Restore Deleted Instagram Content”? By the way, day by day we get to see some new features in Instagram App.

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But today we are going to talk about the feature of Instagram. That feature is very old. But not many people know about him. People often delete after posting some content (Photo or Video) on Instagram. Either it gets deleted many times due to its own fault.

So in such a situation you want to know that “how do i restore content i’ve deleted from my instagram account”? So friends, you have come to the right place. Because through this post I have told you that “how to recover deleted instagram photos on instagram android and iphone”?

How to Restore Deleted Instagram Content? (Photos and Videos)
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Well friends, let me tell you that this is not a very difficult task. Still, those who do not know, those people often download a third-party app for the purpose of instagram deleted photo recovery. But you have to stay away from all these things. Because below I have told how to recover instagram deleted pics without any app.

Here’s How to Restore Deleted Instagram Content?

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  • First of All Open “Instagram App” on Your Android Phone or iPhone.
  • Now Tap on “Profile” on Bottom Right Corner to Go to Your Profile.
  • Now Tap on “More Options” (≡) on Top Right Corner.
  • Here Tap on “Settings” (⚙️) and Tap on “Account”.
  • Now Scroll Down and Tap on “Recently Deleted”.

Note : Here, it needs to be noted that you may not see the options below if you have not deleted any content recently.

  • At The Top, Tap The Type of Content You Would Like to Restore or Permanently Delete Like Profile Posts, Videos, Reels, or Archived Stories.
  • Here Tap on Photo, Video, or Story You Would Like to Restore or Permanently Delete.
  • Tap on “More” (⋮) Options on Top Right.
  • Now Tap on “Restore” to Restore Content That was Deleted.


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Q 1. is “Deleted Instagram Photo Viewer” Working?

Ans – Yes, many peoples are using deleted instagram photo viewer to view their old deleted instagram photos.

Q 2. Is There a Way to See a Deleted Instagram Photo from My Profile?

Ans – Yes, there is multiple ways to see deleted instagram photos on instagram profile. you can use official instagram feature for this.

Q 3. How to View Deleted Instagram Posts?

Ans – To view deleted instagram posts go to intagram profile > triple horizontal bar > settings > account > recently deteled.

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