is Free Fire Banned in India? Yes or No

is free fire banned in india – Hello Friends! Welcome to the blog. And today we will know in this article that “is free fire banned in india 2021”? By the way, for the last few days, this question was being searched a lot on the internet.


But recently a news spread very fast on the internet that PUBG and Free Fire will be banned in India today news. In such a situation, everyone is still playing garena free fire. But people do not understand that when there is news of Free Fire being banned in India.

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So how can I still play free fire in India? So in such a situation people have started asking Google Assistant that “ok google is free fire banned in india yes or no”? So the answer which has come from Google, I have told you below.

How to Play Free Fire in Laptop?

is Free Fire Banned in India Yes or No?

Don’t be afraid! You can still enjoy Garena Free Fire with ease. Because Free Fire has not been banned in India yet. Garena Free Fire for Indian Server is still available on Playstore for Android and AppStore for iOS. Also, now the “OB29 version of Free Fire Game” has also been released. In which we get more than one new features and Free Fire Skin Bundle.

The news of free fire ban in India spread very fast. If the news is to be believed, according to a report of Times of India, ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka recently wrote a Chitth to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. In which he said that the free fire game in India should also be made like PUBG. And also talked about taking action on the free fire game.

And at the same time, he further wrote in this letter that both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile India are available for free download on the internet. But both these games are same. And today’s youth is busy in playing both these games in large numbers. He said that the youth of our country have fallen prey to its addiction.

Also, nowadays small children are also becoming a victim of this game. Which will prove to be very dangerous for us and for the future of our country. Nowadays children are spending more time on this free fire and pubg mobile india game than studies. Due to which their mental state is also having a very bad effect.


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is Free Fire Banned in India – FAQ

1. is Free Fire Banned in India in Future?

Nothing can be said now. Because whether to ban Garena Free Fire in India or not. The Government of India takes its decision. So what is the future of Free Fire in India? It is up to the Government of India.

2. Who is ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka? Who Wrote a Letter to PM Modi to Ban Free Fire?

Friends, ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka is a judge. Who wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to ban Garena free fire and pubg mobile India in India.

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