TikTok is now available for the Apple Vision Pro


TikTok for Apple Vision Pro: Social media giant TikTok has jumped into the virtual reality arena with the release of a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro headset. So TikTok is now available for the Apple Vision Pro officially.


Apple Vision Pro now has a native TikTok app

While apps from the likes of YouTube and Netflix remain absent (for now), Apple’s Vision Pro headset now has a native TikTok app, the shortform video service has announced.

TikTok app for Apple Vision Pro
TikTok on Apple Vision Pro (📷: eBuzzPro/TikTok)

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Previously, TikTok could only be accessed on Vision Pro through the browser, offering a less than ideal experience. The new app offers a completely “reimagined” experience, designed to leverage the immersive capabilities of the headset.

TikTok actually beat both YouTube and Netflix to the Vision Pro punch. Analysts believe this move positions TikTok as a leader in adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

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However, concerns remain regarding potential screen time issues and the impact on younger users in an immersive VR environment. TikTok also works with the Vision Pro’s Shared Space feature, allowing the app to exist somewhere in your peripheral as you work on other stuff.