uBlock Origin isn’t Working on YouTube 2024, Here’s What You Can Do!

ublock origin not working on youtube
uBlock Origin on YouTube (📷: eBuzzPro)

uBlock Origin is a popular open-source browser extension known for its ability to block ads, trackers, and other unwanted content on websites, including YouTube. With the start of 2024, users are still raising uBlock Origin isn’t Working on YouTube 2024 issue on Reddit and eBuzzPro Community.

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If you’re curious about why uBlock Origin doesn’t work on YouTube in 2024, it’s because YouTube keeps updating its ad-blocking detection scripts. This forces ad blockers to release patches multiple times each month to keep up with the changes.

Why uBlock Origin isn’t Working on YouTube?

It seems that uBlock Origin is currently experiencing some technical issues with YouTube. Several users have reported on Reddit encountering uBlock origin not working on chrome firefox problem.

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  • Google’s Manifest V3 update: This recent change in Chrome’s extension system has limited the capabilities of ad blockers, including uBlock Origin.
  • Outdated filters: uBlock Origin relies on filter lists to identify and block ads. If your filters are outdated, they might not be able to catch the latest YouTube ad formats.
  • Conflicting extensions: Other extensions installed in your browser might interfere with uBlock Origin’s ability to block ads on YouTube.
  • Browser cache and cookies: Sometimes, cached data from YouTube can prevent uBlock Origin from working correctly.
  • YouTube’s countermeasures: YouTube is constantly trying to find ways to bypass ad blockers. It’s possible that uBlock Origin is temporarily blocked by YouTube.

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Potential Solutions for uBlock Origin on YouTube Issue

If you’re experiencing issues with uBlock Origin on YouTube on your Chrome or Firefox, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem:

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1.) Update uBlock Origin: Make sure you’re using the latest version of uBlock Origin to benefit from the newest filters and functionality.

2.) Purge uBlock Origin’s caches and update filters: Go to the uBlock Origin dashboard, navigate to “Filter lists,” and click on “Purge all caches” followed by “Update now”.

3.) Disable other extensions: Try disabling other extensions one at a time to see if any are conflicting with uBlock Origin.

4.) Clear your browser cache and cookies: This can help remove any leftover data that might be interfering with uBlock Origin.

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5.) Consider alternative ad blockers: While uBlock Origin is still a great choice, you might want to explore other ad blockers like Ghostery or uBlock Origin Lite, which are specifically designed to work with Manifest V3.

6.) Visit Reddit communities: Subreddits like (ublock Origin subreddit) r/uBlockOrigin and r/youtubeadvanced can be helpful for finding tips and troubleshooting advice.

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