Background Stream Realme isn’t Working, Here’s What You Can Do!

Background Stream Realme not Working
Background Stream Realme (📷: eBuzzPro)

Background Stream is a handy feature available on Realme smartphones running Realme UI 3.0 and later. It essentially allows you to keep playing audio from a YouTube video or music app in the background, even when you switch to another app or lock the screen.

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Suddenly huge numbers of Realme users are reporting on eBuzzPro Community and Reddit that Background Stream Realme isn’t working for YouTube app properly on Android.

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Why Background Stream Realme is not Working?

It seems that Realme Background Stream currently experiencing some technical issues. Several users have reported on Reddit encountering Realme youtube background stream option not showing problem.

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Here’s Few reasons behind the Background Stream problems:

1.) Incompatible app: Background Stream might not work with all apps, especially those that require active video playback or haven’t been optimized for the feature.

2.) Disabled settings: Ensure you’ve properly enabled Background Stream and Smart Sidebar.

3.) Outdated software: If Your Realme UI and the app you’re trying to use are outdated. Then Outdated software can sometimes cause compatibility issues.

4.) Background app restrictions: Some battery optimization features might restrict background app activity, including Background Stream.

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5.) Smart Sidebar issues: Sometimes, glitches with the Smart Sidebar itself can affect Background Stream functionality.

6.) Device-specific bugs: In rare cases, certain bugs specific to your Realme model or software version might be causing the problem.

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Potential Solutions for Realme Background Stream Issue

If you’re experiencing issues with YouTube background play on your Realme android phone, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem:

1.) The App Compatibility: Not all apps are cut out for the Background Stream waltz. Check if the app you’re having trouble with supports the feature. YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix are usually good partners, but some others might be wallflowers.

2.) Enable Missing Toggle: Double-check the settings! Head to Settings > Special Features > Smart Sidebar and ensure both Smart Sidebar and Background Stream are toggled on.

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3.) Check for Updated: Outdated software can be a party pooper. Update both Realme UI and your chosen app to the latest versions. Compatibility issues often lurk in the shadows of outdated software, so a fresh coat of updates can work wonders.

4.) Force-Close and Reopen: Sometimes, a simple force-close and reopen of the app can work wonders. Give it a try!

5.) Restart Your Phone: A good old-fashioned restart can often clear temporary glitches. Reboot your phone and see if Background Stream springs back to life.

6.) Check for Battery optimization: Battery optimization can sometimes restrict background activity. Check your battery settings and ensure the app is exempt from any restrictions.

7.) Use Latest Smart Sidebar App:

App NameSmart Sidebar

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Background Stream Realme APK

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