Fix ‘TweetDeck Not Working’ Problem


TweetDeck is a social media dashboard for managing Twitter accounts. It is a web-based application that allows users to view multiple timelines, manage multiple accounts, and schedule tweets. Unfortunately, users are facing “TweetDeck Not Working” issue.

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“TweetDeck is no longer a free service”. It is now a paid service called X Pro (X Pro website), which costs $84 per year. This change was made by Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, as part of his efforts to boost the company’s profits. So make sure you’ve TweetDeck Paid Subscription.

Fix 'TweetDeck Not Working' Problem

So if you’re also a victim of “TweetDeck Not Working on Chrome” issue, then this article could help you to get rid from this TweetDeck Not Loading problem.

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Why is TweetDeck Not Working Today?

There are a few reasons Why is TweetDeck Not Working Properly. Some of the most common reasons include.

  1. Internet Connection Problems – If you have a poor network connection, this can also cause TweetDeck to stop working.
  2. Server Outage or Glitch – If Twitter is experiencing a server outage or glitch, this can cause TweetDeck to stop working. You can check Twitter’s status page to see outages.
  3. Browser-Related issues – If you are using an outdated browser or a browser with extensions that are incompatible with TweetDeck, this can cause problems.
  4. You Don’t Have TweetDeck Paid Subscription – Now TweetDeck is Paid. So if you do not have TweetDeck Paid Subscription, then You’ll not able to access TweetDeck.
  5. Account Suspension – If your Twitter account has been suspended, you will not be able to use TweetDeck. Check your Twitter account to see if it has been suspended.

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How to Fix “TweetDeck Not Working” Problem?

If you are experiencing issues with the TweetDeck Not Working issue, here are some possible ways to fix this TweetDeck Not Working problem.

1. Check Your Network Connection

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that your speed is adequate. You can try running a speed test to see if your internet connection is working properly.

2. Check for Server Outages or Glitches

If Twitter is experiencing a server outage or glitch, there is nothing you can do to fix the problem except wait for Twitter to resolve the issue. You can check Twitter’s status page to see if there are any known outages.

3. Clear Cache & Cookies of Browser

If still you’re experiencing TweetDeck Not Working issue, Clearing your browser cache can resolve this problem. To clear the cache of Browser Open Chrome Browser > Tap on Three Dots on Top Right Corner > More Tool > Clear Browsing Data > Choose Time Duration > Check the Boxes > Clear Data.

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4. Make Sure You’ve TweetDeck Paid Subscription

If you’re not able to access TweetDeck, then let me tell you that TweetDeck is no longer a free service. It is now a paid service called X Pro, which costs $84 per year. So make sure you’ve TweetDeck Paid Subscription.

5. Restart Your Device

Friends, even after following all the above steps, if Nitter Not Working problem is coming. Then you should try restarting your device. Because friends, after many small bugs are fixed by restarting the device.

6. Reach Out to Twitter Support

If you have tried all of the above and TweetDeck is still not working, then you can contact Twitter support for help. You can do this by submitting a ticket on the Twitter support website.

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