Fix ‘X Error Loading Page’ Problem


X formerly Twitter is a social networking platform. X App or Twitter App is available for Android & iPhone devices. Unfortunately, Dozens of X app users are getting “X Error Loading Page” error message.


When users are trying to search or refresh X app, getting “Error Loading Page Try Again” error message. Sometimes users are encountering the “Rate Limit Exceeded” error message on X app too.

Fix 'X Error Loading Page' Problem

So if you’re also a victim of “Twitter error loading page try again” issue. Don’t worry! you’re not alone. This article could help you to get rid from this X Error Loading Page Problem.


What Could be Reasons for X Error Loading Page?

There are a few reasons why you might be encountering X Error Loading Page problem. Some of the most common reasons include.

  1. Internet Connection is Slow or Unstable – If your internet connection is slow or unstable, it can take longer for X app to load the page. This can cause the X Error Loading Page.
  2. X’s Servers Problem – If X’s servers (Formerly X Servers) are experiencing problems, it can cause the X error to appear. This is usually temporary and the problem will be resolved on Twitter’s end.
  3. X App Glitch – It is possible that there is a bug on the X app that is preventing you from loading page. If you are using an older version of the app, you can try updating it to see if that fixes the problem.
  4. You’re using a VPN or Proxy Server – VPNs and proxy servers can sometimes interfere with your ability to access X features.

How to Fix “X Error Loading Page” Problem?

If you are experiencing issues with the X Error Loading Page issue, here are some possible ways to fix this X Error Loading Page on Twitter problem.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you should do is check your internet connection. Make sure you are connected to a stable and fast internet connection. You can do this by trying to load a different website or app.

2. Check X Server Status

Now second thing you should do is check if is down. You can do this by visiting a website like If X (Twitter) is down, there’s nothing you can do to fix the problem except wait for X to fix it.

3. Clear the X (Twitter) App’s Cache and Data

If still you’re experiencing X Error Loading Page issue, Sometimes, Clearing the app’s cache and data can sometimes fix the problem. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > X (Twitter) > Storage > Clear Cache and Data.


4. Restart Your Device

If your internet connection is fine, the next thing you can try is restarting your device. This can sometimes fix the problem by clearing out any temporary files or glitches that may be causing the issue.

5. Update the App to Latest Version

Make sure you have the latest version of the X app installed. Outdated apps can sometimes have bugs that cause problems. To update the app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for “X”. Tap on the app and then tap on Update.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If you have tried all of the above and you are still getting the X error, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This will delete the app from your device and then reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play Store.


7. Contact X Support

If you have tried all of the above and you are still getting the X error, you can contact X support for help. You can find their contact information on the X website.

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