How to Check Friends Birthday on Instagram?


Way to Check Friends Birthday on Instagram – Hello Friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know that “How to Check Friends Birthday on Instagram”? By the way, Instagram is such a platform, which in today’s time every child has started using it.

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But now it comes to “How to see someone’s birthday on Instagram”? Then in such a situation people do not know about it. So such questions are asked a lot on the internet. So I thought why can’t I tell you in a post that how can you see your friend’s birthday on Instagram?

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Nowadays people use Instagram the most after Facebook. Because people also know that the fastest fame comes from Instagram itself. But if you also want to know “How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday Without Asking Them”? So in this case you can use “instagram birthday finder”.

How to Check Friends Birthday on Instagram?
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So let us tell you below how do I find a person’s birthday on Instagram? All the steps have been provided below.

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How to Check Friends Birthday on Instagram?

The same few people know when is the birthday of a friend of Instagram. But sometimes there are friends on Instagram who do not know when is their Instagram friends birthday?

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1. Checking their Posts

Friends, if you also want to know your friend’s birthday on Instagram. And want to know without telling your friend. So for this you can also find out by looking at their posts on your friend’s Instagram profile. Many times people post on their Instagram on their birthday. And by looking at their posts, it can be easily found out that when is the friend’s birthday?

  • Open Instagram App.
  • Go to Friend’s Profile.
  • Check Latest Post.

2. Check their Tagged Posts

I have told you a way above that how you can easily check any friend’s birthday on Instagram? But wait, you can also check your friend’s or someone’s birthday through your friend’s Tagged Post. Many times people tag their friend on Instagram to wish him a birthday. So read below how to check.

  • Open Instagram app on Mobile.
  • Search Your Friend’s Profile and Open.
  • Go to Tagged Section in Instagram Profile.
  • Now Check Birthday Tagged Post.

3. Check Their Instagram Bio

Friends, if you are not able to know about the birthday of a friend or someone else from both the above steps. So let me tell you that there are many people who write their birthday date in the bio of their Instagram profile. Like writing “Cake Murder – April 2”. So in this way you can check anyone’s birthday with the help of Instagram Bio.

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Birthday Check Instagram – FAQ

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Q 1. Does Instagram Tell your friends its your birthday?

Ans – No, Instagram doesn’t tell any friends birthdays, when is your friend’s birthday?

Q 2. How do I see upcoming birthdays on Instagram?

Ans – By the way, there is no way to see friends upcoming birthday in Instagram app. But you can probably find out by following some steps. Which is given below.

1. Open Instagram App on Mobile.
2. Search and Open Friend’s Profile.
3. Check Friend’s Bio.

Q 3. Is there a way to look up someone’s birthday on Instagram?

Ans – there is no Is way to look up someone’s birthday.

Conclusion – Friends, how did you like this “How to Check Friends Birthday on Instagram” article. Do tell us by commenting below. Also, do share the post with your friends.