is ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working? Reasons and Fixes!


ZeresPluginLibrary (ZPL), also known as Zere’s Plugin Library, is a library for BetterDiscord plugins that allows them to use modern APIs in the current version of BetterDiscord.

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On Reddit, dozens of users are discussing the ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working issue. So if you’re also a victim of the Zeres plugin library not working problem, this article could really help you to get rid from this problem.

is ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working? Reasons and Fixes!

Why is ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working?

There are a few reasons Why is Zeres Plugin Library Not Working.

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Some of the most common reasons include:

  1. ZPL is out of date: ZPL is a very active project, and it is updated frequently to keep up with the latest changes to the BetterDiscord API. If you are using an old version of ZPL, it may not be compatible with the current version of BetterDiscord.
  2. ZPL is not installed correctly: ZPL is a library, which means that it needs to be installed in a specific location for BetterDiscord to find it. If ZPL is not installed correctly, BetterDiscord will not be able to load it, and your plugins will not work.
  3. A plugin is conflicting with ZPL: If you are using multiple plugins, it is possible that one of them is conflicting with ZPL. This can happen if a plugin is trying to use the same API as ZPL, but in a different way.
  4. ZPL is corrupted: If ZPL has become corrupted, it may not work properly. This can happen if ZPL was not installed correctly, or if it was accidentally deleted or damaged.
  5. You’re using a custom theme: Some custom themes can conflict with ZPL. If you are using a custom theme, try disabling it to see if that fixes the problem.

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How to Fix if ZeresPluginLibrary Not Working?

If you are experiencing issues with the ZeresPluginLibrary error trying to load, here are some possible ways to fix if Zerespluginlibrary keeps updating.

1. Update ZeresPluginLibrary

ZPL is constantly being updated, so make sure you’re using the latest version. You can check for updates by going to the ZPL GitHub page and clicking on the “Releases” tab. If there’s a new version of ZPL available, download and install it.

2. Reinstall ZPL

If you’re still having problems after updating ZPL, try reinstalling it. To do this, uninstall ZPL from BetterDiscord, then download and reinstall it from the ZPL GitHub page.

3. Disable Conflicting Plugins

If you’re using multiple plugins, it’s possible that one of them is conflicting with ZPL. To identify any conflicting plugins, disable all of your plugins and then re-enable them one by one. If ZPL starts working after re-enabling a particular plugin, then that plugin is the one that’s causing the conflict.

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4. Run BetterDiscord as Administrator

Sometimes running BetterDiscord as administrator can fix problems with ZPL. To do this, right-click on the BetterDiscord shortcut and select “Run as administrator“.

5. Delete the ZPL Config File

If the ZPL config file is corrupted, it can cause ZPL to not work properly. To delete the ZPL config file, go to the following location:


and delete the ZeresPluginLibrary.config.json file.

6. Use a Stable Version of BetterDiscord

Beta versions of BetterDiscord are not always compatible with ZPL. If you’re using a beta version of BetterDiscord, try switching to the stable version to see if that fixes the problem.

7. Reinstall BetterDiscord

If you’ve tried all of the above and ZPL is still not working, you may need to reinstall BetterDiscord. This will reset all of your BetterDiscord settings and hopefully fix any problems with ZPL.

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